Sunsun CPA 10000 Automatic Cleaning Pond Filter with UV and Jtp 10000 pump (compo set)

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    • SunSun Pressure Filter for ponds up to 12000l
    • Integrated UVC lamp with 11W
    • Max. pump capacity 10000l/h
    • New pond filter generation: Bio pressure pond filter CPA-10000 

    The EasyClean flush back function: Switch position “Filter” Normal operation – the water passes through the pressure pond filter with the help of a pond pump and returns cleanly into the pond. Switch position “Clean” Cleaning mode – By turning the switch the motor that is integrated in the top of the filter is switched on and makes the filter sponges rotate in the inner of the pond filter and cleans them from the coarse dirt without opening the pond filter. During the cleaning operation the dirty water is drained by an additional connection and can be used for example for garden irrigation. Filter Placement: The filter is placed at the pond side and by means of a a suitable pump connected with the water. The water circulates through the filter and the UV-device and after being cleaned is led again into the pond.

    Jtp 10000 submersible pump

    Inverter technology in pump application and advantages.

    • Energy efficient than the normal electronic induction motor pumps, more than 50% energy saving during working hours.
    • Inverter technology to ensure smoorth rate of flow and maintain the resistance of motor under different conditions, suitable for fresh water and salt water.
    • Pump has shaft made of high strength wear-resistant material, long life, ultra-quiet, simple cleaning and tool-free disassembly.


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