Sun sun Cpf 20000 Uv pond filter & sun sun jtp 16000 (compo set)

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25,399.00 37,900.00 (Inc. GST)

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    • SunSun Pressure Filter for ponds up to 40000l
      • Integrated UVC lamp with 36W
      • Pressure Pond Filters are easy to clean!
      • Max. pump capacity 12000l/h
      1. Effective pressure filters with integrated UVC clarifier.
      2. Outlet can be connected with bourn or waterfall.
      3. Maximum working pressure 3 meters.
      4. Patented cleaning technology,clean the filter with your hand hardly touching the filter.
      5. The newest design make the iltrate area double of before,improve the filtrate effect and make the maintance much longer at large.

    Pump Included

    • Inverter technology in pump application and advantages. 
    • Energy efficient than the normal electronic induction motor pumps, more than 50% energy saving during working hours. 
    • Inverter technology to ensure smoorth rate of flow and maintain the resistance of motor under different conditions, suitable for fresh water and salt water. 
    • Pump has shaft made of high strength wear-resistant material, long life, ultra-quiet, simple cleaning and tool-free disassembly.


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