XDP-2500A SunSun (DC )Frequency Variation Pump, 30W, 528Gph, H-Max: 165″, Hose Adapter: 12/16/20mm

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    Brand SunSun

    Color White

    Material Plastic

    Product Dimensions 6.2″L x 4.4″W x 3.6″H

    Power Source Corded Electric

    Item Weight 1.6 Pounds

    Voltage 24 Volts (DC

    Features & details

    Power: 30W, H-Max: 165″, Output: 528Gph, Hose Adapter: 12/16/20mm

    The pump adopts three-phase brushless inductive drive control technology, which saves energy and electricity.

    It adopts 24V low voltage DC frequency conversion technology, which saves electricity and is safer.

    Multi-gear frequency conversion adjustment; Sinusoidal wave technology, the current inversion vibration is smaller, the noise is lower;

    It has the functions of shut-off protection, water shutdown, fault alarm and automatic restart.

    Closed impeller design, maximum efficiency to improve the head and flow;


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