BioFloc Special Probiotic

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    FediNale FlocBiotic is a very rich problotic, naturally occuring paderia, enzymes, nutrients, micro and macro minerals which hassin the growth of biofloc, phytoplankton & natural blooms.

    Feediale FlocBiotic creates and maintains high quality floc compostion and water quality to create an ideal environment for the beter growth of aquatic animals and lowers the FC so that you

    get more profits.

    Feedale FlocBiotic enhances natural nitrification cycle to convert nitrates into nitric oxide, nitrous oxide and harmless nitrogen.

    FeedWale Floc├čiotic is effective in wide range of salinity and pH.

    FeedWale FlocBiotic improves the formation of Bio-Available Protein.

    Feedlale FlocBiotic also contains Enzymes and converts complex componds to simple form for easy bio-degration.

    Dosage Instructions:

    For Floc Formation: 300gm Per 10,000 Litres Of Water.

    OrAs Directed By Your Aqua Culture Consultant.

    In trackish water, the probiotic must be adjusted to the higher water density by means of a pre-treatment adjustment period.


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