Ocean Free 0 Anchor Worm & Fish Lice 125ml

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    1 ml treats 20 litres (use as per requirement and tank size)

    In most cases, exotic native fish like Arowana and Stingrays dwell in the natural ponds or lakes and their staple diet are normally live feeds. Parasitic attacks can be contracted from feeding infected Fish and environment as well. If not treated, it will lead to secondary infections and sickness issues. Problems include ulcer growth, fungus infection, slime, etc. Fish affected will lose body mass, colour and will lead to eventual fatality. For normal ornamental Fish, common anti parasite medicine suffices. But when such treatment is used against sensitive and exotic Fish like Arowana, Stingrays, etc. it will cause fatality almost instantly. The other way to extract anchor worm and fish lice is manual extraction (with fingernails). As Arowana and stingrays are big Fish, such task cannot be accomplished easily, while it opens the possibilities of hurting the fish or causing injury. Injuries sustained will also cause the value of the fish to drop. This product has been made after countless tests with top Arowana breeding farms and is a totally safe and effective product against the treatment and prevention of parasitical attack.

    Treat anchor worm and fish lice attacks in Arowana and stingrays
    Effective in killing also the eggs and larvae of parasites
    Can be used to treat crustaceans
    Mild and safe for use with any sensitive Fish from wild too
    Prevention an important part as is treatment
    Totally harmless to filter beneficial bacteria

    How to use
    a) Eradicating Anchor worms
    Add 1 milli litre per 10 litres of water and repeat dosage after 3 days
    Anchor worm will weaken after 2-3 days time
    At 3-6 days period, the anchor worm will turn whitish and eventually detach from the the body of fish
    For stubborn worms, repeat treatment. Ensure 30-40% water change before repeating treatment, results assured
    b) Eradicating fish lice
    Add 1 ml per 10 litres of water and repeat dosage in 3 days
    Fish lice will start to detach from the body of fish in 2 days time and be killed effectively in 6 days
    If there are stubborn lice, repeat treatment process
    Before repeating treatment, make 30-40% water change, results assured
    c) Prevention application
    Add 1 milli litre per 20 litres of water monthly to prevent occurrence of parasites

    This medication has gone through intensive tests to assure its promised effectiveness and safety
    But in rare cases some highly sensitive Fish may react negatively to this medication (<0.1% chance)
    Always supervise the fish for 1 hour after treatment
    In case of fish breathing heavily or dashing in the tank (rapid up and down swimming pattern for stingrays), perform 50% of water change immediately


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