Optimum All Life Stages 3 in 1 Super Formula Fish Food for Carp, Goldfish and Cichlid Spirulina 12% Floating Type (Small Pellet 400 g)

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    • Promote growth  ,enhance color  and   increase immunity formular
    • Spirulina  12 %  : Suitable for all carp fish to  rapid enhance the coloration of fish
    • Is a special formulation for carp, gold fish and cichlid. It is  nutritionally  complete and balanced.
    • Probiotic supplements  that  help in the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
    • Beta – glucans  supplements  that increase disase resistance and improves growth and performance in fish.
    • Non – Water fouling

    Feed 2-3 times daily and in the quantity which can be consumed within 5 minutes and do not overfeed because overfeed can make water quality low.

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