SunSun CPA-20000 Bio Pressure Pond Filter with integrated UVC Unit 36W for ponds

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    • UVC-integrated lamp with 36W
    • Max. pump power 12000l/h
    • Easy to clean pressure pond filter!

    New generation of pond filter: CPA-20000 biological pressure pond filter 
    – Dirt indicator 
    – Large water flow 
    – Optimal evolution of pond filter biology 
    – Very simple and effective organic pond filter system 
    – System ensures clean and clear water in a short time 
    – Various filter materials (special filter sponges) 

    This is a biological pressure pond filter that works mechanically and biologically with a built-in UVC pond sterilizer. All fittings and technology are located in the lid, so the pond filter can be safely buried. 
    Pond water can be pumped to water cascades located higher and reconducive to garden pond through these same waterfalls. 

    Cleaning and maintenance: 
    Annual maintenance is limited to the inspection of filtration materials and the UVC lamp. The lamp should be replaced after 6000-8000 hours of service. The ideal would be to exchange it at the beginning of the pond season in the spring. 

    The biological pressure filter is equipped with a modern and sophisticated cleaning system, which can be adjusted using a two-function switch. 

    EasyClean backwash functions: 
    – Position – Switch “Filter” 
    Normal operation: thanks to the pond pump, the water is fed into the pressure pond filter and is then filtered back into the pond again. 
    Separates water flow from filter materials. Water is fed directly from the inlet to the outlet opening of the pressure pond filter. This setting allows manual cleaning of the pond filter without having to stop the pond pump. 

    Positon of the “Clean” switch


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