Sunsun CPF-50000 Bio Pond Filter

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    Pond filter system
    Moving Bed technology

    Cleaning sponges •

    Integrated UV-C lamp

    Flow rate 13000 | / h

    Self-cleaning system

    The CPF pressure pond filter series is one of the newest generation of pond filters. This combines mechanical and biological cleaning with the latest UV technology.

    The Bio-pond filter CPF 50000 provides a stable, biological balance in large ponds and improves the water quality significantly, without any chemicals. It creates clear water for pond sizes without fish up to 80 000 I or with fish up to 40 000 I. The filter system should be run 24 hours a day to optimally support a healthy climate, lush vegetation and well-being of the fish.

    The effective filtering is done by different materials like bioballs, special yellow and blue spongeswith different throughput speeds and a UV-C clarifier. The integrated UV-C lamp ensures algae-free water. A highlight of the filter is the additional moving bed system, which makes the pressure pond filter stand out clearly in terms of cleaning performance from other pressure pond


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