Sunsun Cpf 5000 Bio Pressure Pond Filter UVC 11W

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    Highlights & Details

    – Easy Maintenance:
    – Integrated cleaning function in the lid for hassle-free maintenance.

    • Advanced Filtration Technology:
      – Perfect combination of filters and UV-C technology.
      – Integrated dirt indicator for easy monitoring.
      – Cleaning device for fast and effective cleaning.
    • Latest Generation Filter:
      – The CPF print pond filter series combines a powerful organic mechanical filter and the latest UV technology in a compact system.
      – Can be discreetly buried at the pond edge, making the technology almost invisible.
      – All ports, buttons, and controls are located on the inside of the lid for easy access.
    • Versatile Functionality:
      – The pond water can be pumped to higher waterfalls and then returned to the garden pond.
      – Provides a strong biological balance and improves water quality.
      – In combination with a matching pump (not included), it guarantees clear water and creates a healthy environment for pond life.

    *How It Works

    • Combination Filtration:
      – The pressure pond filter with a built-in UV unit combines biological and mechanical filtration.
      – UV-C radiation in the pond clarifier changes the tertiary and quaternary structures of algae proteins, causing algae to clump and be easily removed by mechanical filtration.
    • Bio-Mechanical Treatment:
      – Micro-organisms settle in the filter materials, removing germs and bacteria from the water.


    • UV Pond Filter:
      – Suitable for garden and koi ponds.
      – Features an automatic cleaning system.
      – Ideal for maintaining indoor and outdoor ponds.
      – Easy temperature organic pressure pond filter system for ponds up to 8000 liters.
      – UV filter performance: 11 Watt.
      – Max. Pump capacity: 9000 L/h.
      – Suitable for ponds with fish up to 4000 liters (pump not included).
    • Electrical Specifications:
      – Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
      – Power: 15W
      – UV-C Lamp: G23 11W

    This pressure pond filter system is an ideal solution for maintaining clear and healthy pond water, combining effective filtration with ease of maintenance and a discreet design.

    Weight 7.3 kg
    Dimensions 45 × 41 × 41 cm


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