Sunsun CPF 30000Pond Filter with UV 55w

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    Product Description: Pressure Pond Filter with Integrated UV-C Technology

    • Easy Maintenance:
      – Integrated cleaning function in the top cover for easy maintenance.
      – Cleaning equipment for quick and effective cleaning.
    • Advanced Technology:
      – Ideal combination of filter and UV-C technology.
      – Integrated contamination indicator.
      – High-performance bio-mechanical filter with modern UV technology.
    • Compact Design:
      Can be discreetly dug in at the edge of the pond, making the technology almost invisible.
      – All connections and technology are located in the top cover.
    • Versatile Use:
      – Suitable for creating higher-located waterfalls, with water returning to the garden pond.
      – Ensures stable biological balance and improves water quality.
      – Creates a healthy environment for pond inhabitants.
    • Operation:
      Combination Filtration:
      – Biological and mechanical filtration with a UV-C pond clarifier.
      – UV-C radiation alters algae proteins, causing them to clump and be easily filtered out.
      – **Bio-Mechanical Cleaning:**
      – Microorganisms in the filter remove germs and bacteria.
      – Mechanical filtration traps floating particles and dirt.
    • Bacteria Activation:
      – Takes 4-6 weeks for filter bacteria to establish.
      – Starter bacteria can speed up the process.
      – Bacteria become active at 10-12°C; the filter should not exceed 40°C.
      – Place the filter in the shade to avoid direct sunlight and overheating.
    • Specifications:
      – Power of UV-C: 55W
      – Maximum Flow Rate: 12,000 L/h
      – Outlet/Inlet Hose Adapter:32/38/50mm
      – Cable Length: 4.5 meters
      – Suitable for Fish Ponds: Up to 30m²
      – Suitable for Decorative Ponds: Up to 60m²
      – Actual Volume: 75L
      – Note: Pond pump not included

    This pressure pond filter system is an ideal solution for maintaining clear and healthy pond water, combining effective filtration with ease of maintenance and a discreet design.


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