SunSun Grech CPF-15000 Pond FilterWith UV

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    SunSun CPF-15000 Pressure Pond Filter

    *Key Features:

    • High Capacity Filtration:
      – Suitable for ponds up to 30,000 liters.
      – Ensures clear and healthy water for large ponds.
    • Integrated UV-C Technology:
      – Equipped with an 18W UV-C lamp.
      – Effectively controls algae and improves water clarity.
    • Efficient Bio-Pressure System:
      – Combines biological and mechanical filtration.
      – Supports the development of beneficial bacteria for a balanced pond ecosystem.
    • Easy Maintenance:
      – Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.
      – Integrated contamination indicator for convenient monitoring.
    • High Water Flow Rate:
      – Capable of handling a maximum pump capacity of 10,000 L/h.
      – Ensures effective filtration even in larger ponds.
    • Advanced Filter Materials:
      – Utilizes various filter materials and special filter sponges.
      – Enhances filtration efficiency and water quality.
    • Durable and Reliable:
      – Constructed with robust materials for long-lasting performance.
      – Provides fast and reliable clear water.


    – Maximum Pump Capacity: 10,000 L/h (pump not included)
    – Integrated UV-C Lamp: 18W
    – Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
    – Power Consumption: 18W for UV-C lamp
    – Filtration Type: Bio-pressure pond filter
    – Filter Materials: Various filter materials including special filter sponges
    – Contamination Indicator: Yes
    – Inlet/Outlet Hose Adapter: Compatible with standard hose sizes

    The SunSun CPF-15000 pressure pond filter is a comprehensive solution for maintaining clear and healthy water in large ponds, combining advanced filtration technology, UV-C algae control, and user-friendly maintenance features.

    Weight 11 kg
    Dimensions 60 × 44 × 60 cm



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